Some interesting fonts

The Greek Font Society has released three fonts with Latin and Greek typefaces (donwload here). The work done shows professional quality and I guess there are more to come (but it is my personal guess).

But for some strange reason, I have problems with Didot (the typeface I like most). The TrueType version has the accented characters messed up. I checked it on W2K, MacOS X and GNU/Linux. And the OpenType version seems to have problems with font names. I have checked it only in GNU/Linux, but Fontforge complains about mismatch in the Windows and Mac font names (for some weird reason, the font names in Mac are written with CJK characters). I did inform the GFS about this and somehow they tried to fix it, but after reporting newer problems, I haven’t received any reply. I’m afraid it only happens to me and the fonts have wrong font names. If anyone could confirm this, it would be very helpful to send a more detailed bug report.

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  1. Why do we need the real world having the net? » More on interesting fonts Says:

    […] They seem to have fixed the problem with font names, that I pointed to on my last comment (Fontforge complains about font name mismatch, but Mac font names seem to be written using ASCII). […]

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