Size does matter

Of course, I mean size of audio files (again). Thanks to Cory Doctorow, I found out that the talk Digital Culture in Brazil is available as mp3 file.

And again, the file is huge: 181 MB. After reencoding it with properties set to mono and 32 kbps (method below), the resulting file is only 22.6 MB. I may be wrong, but there is no significant difference between both files. I think the size issue is important not because of the end user, because (s)he can always reencode the file her/himself. It is a question on not wasting bandwith when it is really not required.

I have never lived in Austria, but I lived two years in Germany (not the same country, but Bavaria is very similar to Austria, even more similar than other parts of Germany). And coming from Spain, one of their remarkable things for me was the Umweltfreundlichkeit, which refers to the environmental consciousness or ecology. One example of this could be how much water you use to wash the dishes. I learned a lot on environmental consciousness.

What about the net? How about wasting internet ressources? It is only a question and I assume that the excessive size of that mp3 file was intended. If it can be improved, I think it should be improved.

BTW, the Internet Archive offers unlimited hosting with unlimited bandwith for free and for ever. The requirements are that the materials should be licensed by their copyright owner at least for private copy (otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to offer hosting facilities to anyone). They aim to provide universal access to human knowledge, so reads their motto, and they also accept donations.

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