Copying your MBR

To check whether an issue with my laptop’s in-line recording is a hardware problem or a buggy audio driver, the guy from Dell’s technical support asked me to install Windows to discard a software failure. I have been asked to do that after having the mainboard replaced (laptops have no separated sound cards). I have to decrease the size of one of my partitions, create a new one and format it as FAT32.

But the issue here is that Windows will rewrite the master boot record (to promote competition ;-)) when installing it.

I have asked how to restore the original MBR at Mandriva Expert and thanks to the replies, I have a method to copy and restore the MBR.

As administrator, run the following command:

dd if=/dev/sda of=mbrsave bs=512 count=1

To have it back, run as administrator again:

dd if=/path/to/mbrsave of=/dev/sda

Many thanks, George and Jean-Pierre, for the tip.

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