First post

As you can read in the time, it is early in the morning and I have just opened an account for a blog, although I already have one (¿Para qué quieres el mundo real si ya tienes internet?). I do like the WordPress interface more than the Blogger one. It has more options and I think I could move my other blog to WordPress.

The title is borrowed from my other blog (after being translated into English) and I will probably change. The subtitle shows what the stuff here will be random thoughts on radom topics. I mean, I try to post here about other topics that aren’t covered in my other blog, which is mainly related to rights in a digital world. (Probably the wise decision to make would be to mix both blogs into one with different tags, but I’m afraid that the hosting service doesn’t support multilingual blogs.)

What are the other topics not covered in the other blog? Mainly my own interests and they are (for sure) diverse. I guess that somehow they’re all technology-related (I mean, they are related to computers and the net).

And why do I write the posts in English being Spanish my mother tongue? This is an interesting question, since I’m not doing it as a way of practising my English. No doubt, my English is far for being perfect. But since English seems to be the lingua franca on internet, I guess it is right to post in English.

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